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Ditch the diets, workout rollercoaster, & take control of your health!

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Hey babe!  Can you do me a favor?  Think about a time when it wasn't mother's day or your birthday that you felt truly seen and appreciated by any of the people in your family that you care for?


I can honestly say I don't know, and that doesn't make my family bad; they're just used to me doing everything.  If you're like me you are usually operating on auto pilot.  Your daily routine revolves around the needs of your family and you just DO what needs to be done, because if you don't then ...well let's face it..stuff just doesn't get done!


As a busy working mom of 3 kiddos, and a wife to my hubby who works 2 jobs, I have often found myself FRUSTRATED and LOST in the shuffle.  I'm so busy driving the "mom bus" to get the kids to activities like soccer practices and games, after school jobs (because I have 2 teens), and doctor's appointments on top of all my other endless responsibilities that go with running a household that I literally FORGET about ME!

Does this sound familiar?  The struggle is REAL and I have had plenty of them:'s just a few..

  1. I keep a lot of convenience foods around that the kids like that I end up eating too.

  2. I work all day and by the time I get home, make (or re-heat) dinner, clean up, and put the kids to bed I'm too exhausted to even wash my face let alone get in a work out!

  3. I don't like any of my clothes anymore because they just don't fit the way I want them to, but I also don't want to buy new clothes because the thought of trying on clothes gives me anxiety!

  4. I don't feel sexy and confident in my post-baby body so I am not comfortable being intimate with my husband.

  5. I've been there on alllll of these and not just once in my life.  I've been a mom for 18 years so I have plenty of practice neglecting myself!  Over the years I have found what works for me and put it all into this program. 

If you're looking to drop 30 pounds in three weeks, start a hardcore diet drinking juice cleanses, or suffer through 90 minute extreme workouts to make you feel like you did something then this is NOT the program for you.  In this program we will build the habits required to begin a healthier SUSTAINABLE lifestyle where you put YOU first, mama! You can take care of everyone else AND yourself.  

This is a 12 week program that will require your dedication and commitment to yourself and your goals.  I want to make totally sure that this is the right program for you so first things first, click the button to fill out your application to work with us inside the Flirty & Fit Academy.  Once your application is received and reviewed we will reach out to you for your next steps!