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On this call, we are going to get CLEAR on the following:


-> What is holding you back and what you need help with

-> Your fitness goals

-> A step by step game plan to help you achieve your goals and overcome what is holding you back!


Before the call, I have some homework for you!


#1 - Join my site as a free member (top right corner of this page), and download my free app so you're ready to go!  Click Here to Join the APP!

#2 - Check out the Flirty & Fit Academy Program to learn what is in our 90 day  program.

#3 - Confirm the call when I text you or the call will be cancelled.

Please make sure all this homework is done before our call!

 During the call, please have no distractions and a pen and paper.

I will call you on ZOOM so be sure to download the app if you need to!

Meeting ID: 359-386-6715

Password- FitGirl