Have so much FUN dancing you'll FORGET it's a work out!

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Are you ready to work out in the most fun, judgement free, forget you're actually exercising way?  
Dance Fitness with Cari is a unique fitness class where we will break the boundaries of traditional work out routines.  We don't focus on losing weight, inches, or changing ourselves.  We will CELEBRATE who we ARE now and discover more about ourselves along the way.  You will find your sexy, confident, and saucy self that is underneath all of the daily roles you play-- wife, mother, friend, co-worker, boss, manager, we wear SO many hats ladies!  It's time that you get to let loose and just be yourself for an hour out of your day. 
Wear something comfortable and easy to move in.  Sexy attire is not required, but you're encouraged to wear what makes you feel your personal best!  Wear comfortable shoes for weekly class. Save the heels for our special events.  Bring a water bottle, and a yoga mat for floor work.  There may be some chair work, however, this is not specifically a chair class.  
ALL Levels are welcome.  You don't have to be an experienced dancer to take this class!  All ladies 18 and over are welcome!
Music will NOT be censored so be aware of explicit lyrics.  Music will be from all genres and vary depending on the focus of the class so come with an open mind!  I promise the playlist will be motivating and enticing you to move!
Come join me in this unique experience and light up the dance floor with us! I can't wait to dance with you!
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