The beginning of my journey 4 years ago
to me now in 2022

Hi! I am Cari!

If we haven't met yet first let me say I am SO glad you're here!


I am a busy mom from Toledo Ohio where I have lived most of my life.   I am married with my hubby of 10 years, have three gorgeous daughters, two crazy cats, a little feisty dog, and 4 sweet guinea pigs. I call our domain the animal house!!


Though I am happier now, I still struggle with the ups and downs of family life just like every other busy mom out there.  However, just 4 years ago I found myself at my LOWEST point emotionally.  All of my BLESSINGS (kids, house, hubby, job, ya know adulting!) had me feeling alone, overwhelmed, 50lbs overweight after my 3rd daughter was born, and stressed from trying to work full time and DO IT ALL!  Even worse I wasn't sure what to do about it except cry and feel completely lost.  

One day I met a friend that offered me a free wellness profile at her nutrition club where they took my measurements and went over my nutritional goals (I rescheduled this and ALMOST canceled it several times)  When I finally got on the scale I faced the reality that I was 50lbs over weight from where I wanted to be.  I was tired, and just wanted to have the energy to chase my daughters around the soccer field and fit into my pre-baby jeans.  So right then and there I DECIDED to make a change.  I decided that I wanted more for myself!

I decided to start working out at home, which I had done before, but wasn't ever able to stay consistent with it. So I went back to what I know, which is DANCE!  I have been a dancer my whole life from the age of 5.  When I got married and had kids I stopped dancing so it had literally been 10 years since I had moved through dance!  What I DID know was that dance was something that MOTIVATED and INSPIRED me to move my body, which is what I knew needed to happen so I could lose the weight I wanted to.  What started as a hobby for me in my basement grew into a passion and a DESIRE to help other women feel the way I started feeling. 


In the last four years I started my own dance fitness class at my church, met women that were excited to dance with me and get their own results,  and found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!  I am now so passionate about helping women, especially moms, gain confidence and have fun while getting fit and feeling great.  I do this with cardio dance fitness, strength training, and nutrition guidance mixed with some laughs, hugs (I'm a hugger!), and playlists you can't help but move to.


My MISSION is to help you feel FABULOUS, confident, and excited about your life again!  If that's you then I know that I can help you overcome obstacles and find your happiness in your body and your life!  

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